2 Types of Insanity: Imprisonment, and Evil

Sometimes, I wish I knew what I was doing.  I wish I knew all the answers to all questions… Every question that could possibly be conceived by mankind… Poof! I have the answer.

But do answers imply that solutions will be put into place?  Sadly not.  Take global warming.  We’ve collected a lot of data, found a lot of answers regarding how we can prevent this.  But implementing this knowledge… That is another beast all together.

Money is a cruel current.  Currency.  To possess it, implies that one has power.  Spending power.  With power comes authority. In a perfect world, those with money, and wealth overall, would be the wisest members of society. They would be paragons of behavior. Examples to be emulated.

In our real world, the wealthy are anything but.   There are some generous-hearted philanthropists who donate a good chunk of their fortunes to charitable causes, which is commendable.  But sadly, others who possess wealth simply absorb themselves in the pursuit of acquiring even more wealth. And to what end?

Perhaps wealth leads to… confidence? Or an over-inflated sense of self, and in no danger of popping. Take Kanye West.  He fancies himself to be one of the most important people alive today.  He equates himself with God.  This isn’t even an exaggeration!  According to him, he has the same infinite wisdom as God does, and he deserves every penny he earns because… He’s a deity or something.

Justin Bieber seems to have the same inflated sense of self-worth too.  Oh, how those girls would suffer, if they didn’t have the Biebz to worship.

Sometimes, I wonder how these wealthy and/or idolized people would cope, if one day, they lost their sanity.  Lost their marbles, spontaneously.  Went crazy.  What would happen?

I ask, because, very often, that’s how mental illness strikes. Without rhyme or reason. One day… Kablam! Your brain explodes, and you’re left with broken pieces, encased in a skull.

I paint a vivid, if only a fantastical image.

I hope that Mr. West and Mr. Bieber never experience such a tragedy in their lives.  But… maybe they already have.

For there are two kinds of insanity.

One kind, which is the kind that I have, is when you feel imprisoned.  Your illness creates a prison, and you live in it.  You… the real you… are forced to cower in a corner of your mind, while you observe the illness taking over. It feels like something outside of yourself. It terrorizes your soul, and you are unable to break free. And very often… You don’t even realize you are cowering.  The illness replaces you.  It erases your personhood, and leaves you in a state of helplessness and confusion.

And then there is the second type of insanity: the attitude of entitlement. This is much more sinister. It is also much more common, and usually goes unnoticed. A husband beats his wife and children, becuse he feels that he is the “man” of the house. He feels that it is his right to enforce discipline, and teach his family a lesson after they violate some nonsensical, unwritten rule that keeps changing. Wifey didn’t greet him with a smile and a kiss when he came home. The child accidentally drank from his glass of beer. He, the abuser, rationalizes that it is not only his right, but his duty.

You might be dating a guy who is tremendously cheap. He calls an Amazon seller to negotiate knocking the $2.50 shipping rate off of his purchase. Maybe he hides in the toilet room of the train, in order to avoid the ticket-collecting conductor. You might feel embarrassed when he does this, but he thinks that not only is he entitled, but clever too! Society… What a bunch of dopes!  To him, he makes sport of stealing candy from babies, or other unsuspecting-types.  If someone is too stupid to defend what they have, then they deserve to have it taken from them. I’m entitled to take it. It’s mine.

Sound familiar?  This is an attitude we lament.  Liberals deem this the mindset of those 1% rich republicans.  Conservatives believe this to be the attitude of certain socialist-liberal politicians.  Regardless of political persuasion, we are familiar with this concept in America.

And… power corrupts.  Cruel government regimes, forcing powerless people to live according to human spirit-stifling rules. Curfews breached lead to executions. Bread lines. Police states. Taxes.

And celebrities, demanding cheers and screams from adoring fans, a la Kim Jong Un.  Like Dr. Evil from Austin Powers.  You must laugh at the right time.  You must cheer at the right time.  You must moan at the right time.  If your timing is off, you’re wrong.  You, your personhood… are wrong and useless.  And that is punishable by death.

I think Misters West and Bieber are already mentally ill, with this second type of illness. They definitely feel like they deserve these droves of fans.  They’re entitled to those fans.  King Bieber sings with the voice of an angel.  His songs are like blessings from Heaven.  And Lord West… every word out of his mouth is an adage, possessing infinite wisdom even more than that found in the Bible. The Quran.  The Torah. The I-Ching. The Bahavadgita.

Well, sirs… If you’re so fucking smart… Why don’t you write your own holy book? Why don’t you write, in your divine tome, why your wisdom is better than that found in these other time-tested holy books?  After all, I’m sure you can understand them better than we can. Teach us, Oh Wise Ones.

They’d probably accept the challenge… if they had enough free time. For now, they’re “artists.”  They’re “busy.”  So busy, that they can’t do basic things for themselves.  They have teams of people who make sure they eat the right food, people who ensure that their airplane bedsheets have high thread counts.  And people who make sure that the right brand of toilet paper is in every bathroom that graces the ass of said figures.  Woe betide the fool who faces the roll in the wrong direction.

It would be a nightmare if Bieber or Kanye were politicians.  I wonder… if we were to entrust either figure with a population of people, living under his rule… what would happen?

It’s one thing to establish laws in order to keep a peaceful and economically prosperous society. But it is another thing, when laws are passed, designed as such where the underlying aim is not to govern, but to rule.  And in order to rule, one must first change the unique, individual beliefs of each person, into nothing else but a worshipper.  Or… a fan.

The greatest freedom known to man is mental freedom.  Those who suffer from the first kind of mental illness, the prisoner type… you must always reach towards the light, if only to enjoy its fleeting warmth.

And to you who are of the second type… realize that you, yourself… are not made of that light that others reach towards.  You are not a graced figure.  You are not a special person.  Your presence in others’ lives is not all roses.  A slap from your hand on your wife, does NOT make her more wise.

We cannot change corrupt people.  But we must arrange our circumstances into such, so that such people do not corrupt us.  And… what if you’re corrupt?  How do you know?

I say…  if you don’t understand what I’m talking about here… if you can’t relate to what I’m writing… then you’ve got something to worry about.


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