Afraid of the Police. I asked for help, and was stigmatized

Something has recently happened to me, and I want to share my story with people at large. Both to reach out for help, and also just to heal myself from this pain.

Beginning in the end of February of this year, I ran into a woman in the street, who told me that I had an “amazing presence,” but there was something she had to tell me. I paid her $120, and she told me that I had demonic presences around me that she needed to get rid of. I continued to see her for about 6 months. During this time, I paid her over $9000 for items that I largely never received. I paid $1200 for a crystal that probably cost $100 at most, probably $75.

I felt so compelled to go, because she played into my exact weakness. I have a long long history of having religious ideations regarding my illness. When I am unwell, I believe I am the Anti-Christ, and that I am personally responsible for the suffering of every living thing that has ever existed on Earth. During this time of seeing her, I of course confided in this woman. She told me that, if I stopped seeing her, I would end up back in the hospital. She told me that the demons had my afterlife, that I’d go to hell, and that I needed to see her to stop this from happening. I was paying her $300 each time I saw her, but she said it was not fast enough, so I sold a possession of mine for $900 when it was worth $3000, so I could get the cash fast. I neglected paying my bills. I was so scared.

About 3 weeks ago, I finally told all my friends, and they told me to break away. I was scared. I went to my local precinct, they said I had no case, and that it was a civil court matter. Went there, they said I need to hire a process server. The process server, unfortunately, needs a name and a photo of the woman, neither of which I have. She called herself “Sister ____”. Went back to the precinct…

I was trying to tell this cop what happened. The entire time, he was looking down and writing in some book. No eye contact, no “face” contact even. I was getting teary. I was trying to say that she exploited my illness for the scam. All I said was, “I have a mental illness,” and then he said, hostilely, “I can tell.” Then I tried to continue, and he said “Did you take your meds this morning?” I tried to say that I have a sterling reputation at Zucker Hillside Hospital for compliance, but he cut me off and said “Do you want me to call the hospital?” I shut up and left. I was so scared. If I had said one more word, I might have been pinned down and handcuffed.

I need to go to the DA, hopefully next Friday, and request to be connected to the precinct’s detective. But I’m so stressed and scared, and I feel like none of it is my fault. I’m telling my story, because I’m in pain emotionally, and I don’t know who to turn to. I just want justice to be served. I don’t even care about the money, although I know that I’m ruined financially. What happened to me? I am trying to live my life, and people exploit me. Something has to be done.

Thanks for reading.


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