Classical Music is Dead, etc.

As much as I want to keep classical music in my life, I simply cannot. First off, I am allergic to a vibrating violin under my jaw. The resonating of a string causes “sickness” in my mind… in that 1) I have psychotic delusions, where at the times the instrument might give me messages, and 2) I start to have physical discomfort, such as shaking, cold sweats and such. When I feel a vibrating string under my head, the left half of my brain becomes as static as white noise. A physical feeling of overwhelming sensation.

Also, I just think that classical music instruments are for some, but not most. The acoustic properties, while natural, are not what the brain craves most. We like music of today, and of recent past, because the vibrational qualities feel good to our minds and bodies. Classical instruments simply don’t feel as good as electronically amplified ones. Classical instruments are a strain to listen to. That is why people don’t care anymore.

Additionally, the nature of musicianship has changed as well. Back then, people had their musical parts to play, and the pinnacle of musicality was to play your parts all at the same time, so that the composer’s intention could then emerge. A musician was a technician, responsible for dutifully playing what was on the page, and naught more. Disagree with me all you want, but classical musicians are simply cover artists.

These days, music is different. In the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s… you have bands playing together. Each musician wrote their own part. There is improvisation, where people are feeding off each other’s energy, going with the flow, and taking the music to places unreachable by mere following of notes. Funny… I used to play music like this when in string quartets, and was infinitely frustrated when I saw idiot violinists following faithfully what was on the page, from every forte to every piano, to every staccato to every legato. And for what? To read and copy, is not an indication of understanding of WHY. I was somewhat crazy, in that I wanted to experience energetic trading during string quartets. But classical musicians are immature people, and have not adapted their playing style to the modern conventions. That is why theirs is a dying art.

Sadly, it seems that music is getting more conservative these days. Seems not so, given the raunchiness of our lyrics. But… you might notice that today’s songs are orchestrated tunes with featured singers as mere puppets of marketing and profit. Who composes these tunes? Perhaps a single person, or a handful of people. And then the instrumentalists and singer(s) simply perform these tunes faithfully. Sound familiar? Just because the years progress, doesn’t mean that we become more free, and more liberal. As much as we think we are expressing ourselves freely, it is quite the opposite. We live in socially conservative times.


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