Nerds are Materialist Consumers.

As much as we want to praise nerds for being non-conventional and bravely counter-cultural, they sadly are also shining examples of people who fall prey to consumerism. Purchasing of video games and movies and paraphernalia associated with such, their passion for merchandise only serves to fatten the wallets of the powers that be. Nerds are therefore easily controlled and influenced by mega-corporations.

We need to stop embracing nerd culture. If a nerd gets a kick out of saving the world by playing a game where s/he is a ninja, then I suggest the nerd gets out of the house and takes karate classes. Instead of vicariously living an adventurous life through a computerized avatar, s/he could actually experience martial arts personally, and get a real taste of the mental discipline it takes to be a martial artist. They’d learn that it is not just “cool,” but a real lifestyle.

I am especially turned off by nerds now, because I briefly dated one previously. He was unable to forge a friendship, because he was so consumed by games. I mean, my own entire childhood was consumed by Nintendo… I’ve spent thousands of hours playing games, believe me. But games are things for children. Nerds who continue to embrace this are just stagnant creatures. Mostly, I am sure there are exceptions.


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